Would you believe she's gone from the world / Following nighttime noises, the innocent little bird / That cruel pretender fooled you again, dear / By the bend in the river all will be shown / And you will know / With all that you see in this labyrinth / Wide eyed wonderer reaching for the / Golden rose-water scented dearly departed / She falls to death as you stumble / Back where you started / You fought so hard but your relentless heart / Could never bear to let it go / When everything that you wanted  / And all the truth that you hunted / The promise is broken / You're spinning the wheel again / Do you hear the passing locomotive / Westward thundering / Do you remember? The dirt is hard where we danced / It grows even harder / Passing under the wheels / Forever onward / And now you know / Spinning the wheel again ... 



Bar all the doors and board up the windows / Set fire to the table and burn all the bedclothes /  Wrap me in shadow, close your eyes, you will see / It's a relationship formed at the speed of light tonight / They say that the lightning will never strike the same place twice / The spread of our culture likened to fire / The spread of our cultured likened to a fire / We'll make it better for the unbelievers / With plastic parts and burnt out hearts / Don't give up / It's getting harder now / These waves of light are unpredictable / When what we know, when what we claim to know / Let it go / It's a relationship formed at the speed of light tonight / They say that the lightning will never strike the same place twice / Colliding in  pictures of possible futures / Reach out to me / Across the divide of a billion dimensions simultaneously



Hear me, listen / Long have we wandered / Always searching / We look for the place where /  We began / Cradled in bones / Our souls entwining / Already home / Spinning outward / In radiant circles / We revolve, and / Go back to the start where / We began / Cradled in bones / Our souls entwining / Already home / I’ve traced the stars on your fingertips / The heavens clenched in your grip (Radiant circles) / The hand I hold isn’t yours alone / But all your nameless kin (look for the place where we began) / The red road stretched out long before us / Our faces to the wind / Hand-in-hand, we begin again / At the place where our footprints end



At the waterfall / You felt the river pulling you in / Branching beneath your skin / The source was within you / Cut yourself open / Cut yourself open / Show me / Water falls / Slips between your fingers, your open palms / The truth is finally coming out / The mystery is spelled out in light, and I have seen it, I think that I’ve touched it /  I found it in the waves, and all around me / Rising to take me / Rising to take me / Standing before the crowd / With your accusers gathering round / They’re lighting the fire now / Up there on the pyre / Could you see it? / Did you reach out and touch it? / The truth was in the flames, and all around you / Spinning around you, turning in orbit, all the universe inside of you / When the spark begins to catch / Will it burn, will it burn, will it burn / These pages black / When the torchbearer lifts the lantern high / no disguise will survive in the light / Like seeds taking root in the ash / All that was meant to will come to pass / The fire’s beginning to catch



Bone rattle shakes in the long summer grass / A fire in the hearth / And I am the ash / Lasting past the spell that is cast / You're tracing symbols along the new earth / I am the altar, I am the drum / The nameless one / Secrets / You carry around / From a cup of bones: / Revelations / But when it weighs / Heavy on your soul / It'll come crashing down and / Let us reveal it all tonight / I had a dream I was a birch tree aflame / Standing over / All those who came to say, / Please don’t break this holy curse / We’ll love what we were / We’ll love what we are / We are all liars, We are all framed / By nature’s ways






It's not that I don't feel bad / It's just that i can’t feel worse / Rise up from the unexplored / Hidden domain / Up to where the atom reigns / Carelessly, he said, this engine / will burn us, it doesn’t need a  reason / But is it better leaping into the void / Than to stand at the edge / The colors of a used-up earth / In the midst of a sea of shadows / Hiding out in a sunken eye / Can good deeds defend / The violence of a simple plan / Navigating between the arrows / Like that of an animal / Please be careful / Where you’re walking there’s no light / And the grave is too wide / White light burns the seer’s eyes with wisdom / Insight will overpower reason / The hole that exists in everything / We’ll fill it all with light / Blown apart, reunified



Before time was time / When your atoms clung to mine /And all of everything, combined / Then at once the light / Driving us apart / We’re stumbling through the dark / Did you find what you were looking for? Did you find what you were looking for? / Tell me / All behold the King of Swords / The silence that you broke / Among other things / The bell that you rang once / Still rings in me / It echoes in my thoughts / Resounding in my bones / I’m fumbling for the door / Am I everything you’re longing for? / Did you find what you were looking for / All behold the King of Swords / Approach the throne, the King of Swords/ And all the bonds you broke / Tearing every string / How did you think it would end / With you, with me? / And everything you said / I remember every word / We're falling through the dark / Did you find what you were looking for? 



The cracks that we have mended / Fractures filled with gold / Seeds we have planted / In perfect, crooked rows / Re-making, re-destroying / On and on it goes / So it goes / The treasures we have lost / Lie shining in the snow / Shining in the snow / The places we have faltered / Promises that we broke / All the wasted hours / Let them become our yoke / And we will pull each other / Further down the road / The cracks that we have mended / Fractures filled with gold / Seeds we have planted / In perfect, crooked rows / Re-making, re-destroying / On and on it goes / So it goes...




Stories in the night told / The wind moves above the trees and / I’m gone from my body calling out / To save me, come take me tonight / We climb through the evening mists / our memories fall, bleeding and limp / Born to white light / From firelit window and open doors / The roads are paved with golden bars / And round and round the world is bound / By a chain of radiant stars / Outside a patch of ghost pipe / Grows along the prairie drive and / I’m caught in a circle bone white / By the pale life inside / Feel something take root in me / Like a fox caught, metal and teeth / Bone split, broken and free / The circle spins around us / The whole world cobbled from dust / The circle spins around us / We're reborn as stars collide



The ice on the windshield / melts away / In the morning sunlight / Last night my call came / ten years too late / Drive south on the highway / Modern myth is dying/ modern man is lost / No more mountain learning/ before we’re caught / We swear that we will try to / Change all that we were born to / It comes when it’s quiet / it comes at night / A clarion call sounds / To gather ‘round fires / With you in arm / Telling tales of gold crowns / Relearn what we’ve gathered / In the small hours / Sit and stare out at / Uncharted waters / Depend on those you turn to / Grow old together with you



Born with a crest of your own / Seven-league boots on a balsam throne / Hemmed-in woodlands, carved from stone / A songbird full of the tunes you stole / And a rusted trailer can’t outlast the running water / Oxide into autumn wire /And the grass will thread the holes with green and gold / O!  Springtime’s choir / Gotta risk it all / For the promise held in another’s hand / Gotta risk it all / Outside yourself you’ll understand / Born without a crest of my own / No skeleton key for all closed doors / I came so close that the window froze / From the breath i took, from the breath you stole / And your winter armor can’t protect you from another / Confide in the hunter’s moon / And the summer sleeps until the hawthorn blooms / O! Come too soon / You really shouldn’t look at me that way / You really, really got to let it go some day /You should take the hand you’re sworn to take but if you stay... 



Yellow tinged with green / Masses of evanescence swarm the stars like angry bees / And I’m clad in my father’s furs / Held aloft on a silver mirror shallow thin and cold / But I won’t go into the night / Don’t care what experts claim / No mood for practicality when all the myths remain / Warriors overhead / In one gigantic rosette of flame, to shine in red / But i won’t go into the night / No,  i will wait for the light / Will it ever come back /To this heart of mine / This rooted pine / Will it ever come back / Won’t you ever come back home



The first light on the wall / And I had noticed how / The sounds were changing / You were sleeping through it all / The growth of beak and claws / My wings were aching / You were suddenly, under me miles and miles away / Rise up against the wind / Release your grip / Circling, circling one more time again / With every feathery sweep of wing / Reconstruct my origin / Leaving it leaving it all behind again / How I’ve missed this cold / The freezing and the thaw / Of winter waking / Barefoot and alone / After touching down / My hands were shaking /Trembling, remembering their own power again / Too young and dumb to be afraid / Tumbled down and in a terrible calamity / Caught and snared, await the day / Impatiently I’m leaving it leaving it all behind again



The house she grew up in is now / Adrift in an ocean of sand / Cactus line the drive / Spires in a line / Empty malls entwine / First love, last rites / Of the pure hearted / No regrets, it’s just life / Save the dreaming for when we’re asleep / A red-eyed sunset bled white / Caught in the driveway, tongue-tied / Sweetest thing she knows / Heavy like a stone / Thrown around young bones / In the fading light of day / Memories fall away / And only dust remains



Why do you look so surprised that our luck’s run out / Another perfect day / Another endless drought / And the rising tide / I never meant it oh to feel this spark / Did you expect me just to come apart / it'll come for you / It'll come for you  / Like it comes for me / it'll come for you / It'll come for you like it comes for me /  I know you haven't tried  / To let the flood run down / Overflow the banks and wash the hatred out / Seas will rise / Ebb and flow / Ebb and flow / I will survive / Let me go / Let me go / Thrown into the roil / I'm the wave out of control / In the overflow



Every day you would wave to the night-shift workers / Dancing a hurricane round the corner / Gone to a place where the loose ends gather / Fabric unraveling faster and faster / Theory of everything / Pulled along by a string / Around your cold little heart / Told that the limelight still keeps shining / After the cameras all stop rolling / Just another scene / Diamond ring make believe / Whispering offscreen / Bring me back the first branch of summer / Whittle it down, throw it in the embers / What’s at stake for what we’ve created / i hope that the waiting has made you stronger / Mirror, mirror, by the lamplight / Down the streets, young things keep calling / Tasseography, haruspex, palmistry / Tell your secrets to me



Tread carefully over the trip wires / And cover the tracks that show / Reflections of signal fires / Rhe river runs black like a plume of smoke / Release your breath / Muzzle flash / No god comes to those who fall / Wipe off your warpaint / Take off your armor / i’ll wash the blood away / Your sons will be reborn / Raised up on stolen soil / Now steady your hands / Take site / In fire your faith restored / Like stripes on a uniform / Red and gold / But you story will be retold / Put on your peacemaker / Houses burn thick with smoke



Backroads, rutted deep /  i know these paths from my old life / Storefronts have changed, streets rearranged / Underneath the two stoplights / With you, was where i learned love /  With you, was where i learned love / But the prairie wind is cold / Steals the heat from your bones / And scatters you out like seeds alone / Walk through the fields, past powerlines, and the old roadside graves / Painted names under bridges / Painted saints swear Jesus saves / And i, feel changed but the same / And i have been remade / Time goes by so fast / Cracking paint / Sagging stained glass / Friends scattered to the unknown / But the stage lives on alone/ Let him who will / Go wander still / Out past the lights of town / To find something that never can be found / Cold before the dawn / It's a fond farewell / Darkness moving on




Keep the crows away from the table / Tie back their wings if you are able for you must protect your kin / The heart will break away from the strain of it / From the plow to the fallow  ground, the earth submits / Concern your mind with the fruits of your labor, savor the juice, taste all the flavor before the frost weathers your skin / You’ll learn what you burn will never  grow back again, the flame in your hand will land in your soul so don’t let that darkness in / Winter has come to take what we’ve done. It’s not too late. It’s never too late / We can find  ourselves another way / (We won’t be waiting around the path leads south so follow me down / It’s not too late to dive off the wharf and watch the searchlights fade forever) / The seeds in the  soil swear they’ll be back again and rise from the soil just like old Lazarus with the blessing of a helping hand / We toil ‘til we’re old but will we come back again? We break all these bones just so they’ll set again. Arrange us as they please / Oil it’ll burn to keep the poison pen at bay, preserving the words so they’ll never be changed but can they keep us away?


Cicadas drone across this harbor town / The walls brought up now are crumbling down / The trade winds call to a snow‐white dove / Over a cypress grove still warmed by the sun / And what shall it be? Ask me, ask me / What shall we be? You’ve got to release me / What you are now, son, well I used to be one / What we are now ‐ you soon will be / I will fade away. I don’t want to  hurt no one / I don’t want no grave / Sometime this body will give way / We’ve got to make the best of things while we remain / The salt on the rocks will be reclaimed by the tide / The sun  bleaches out the whites of my eyes / As I sit and count the blades of grass, I forget myself as the seasons pass.


Rabbit’s moon / Hangs abandoned like a ruin / Our house a tomb / Swallows nest in the corners of the children’s rooms / Will soon be flying back to roost / All too soon / We’ll all be flying back to roost / Brother, oh your eyes / Their ragged light is bright enough to blind / Plunge your taloned hands into the fire / Pull out your sons / Pull out your daughters / A three‐legged crow / Called to the people down below / Flying low / Heavy with the burden of a secret only gods can know / Power is too dangerous to hold / Stars will glow / Hot and bright and close.



I could go for a rebirth / Rise up fast like a phoenix bird / Hand through dirt, I’ll unearth my resolve / From a nest of frankincense / I’ll recount every moment spent / One for every scar / Every hair grayed / A coat of arms over all of us / Branches to branches, dust to dust / Come find me out from my heartbeat / Can’t keep it calm in the dark / The dawn breaks and the night  yields / Bloodied beaks over wheat fields / Captive by the feathers on display / Be the queen of my escape / I’ll be your saving cup of grace / We’ll find some way to overtake them all.

Fields of fire come / From one unsteady hand / Blackened birch undone / Crows call out to command the young / Callous it comes like the setting sun / The smoke, the flames on the horizon / Awaken the old forsaken and run from the fields / The premonition has come too late, we find / The secrets we have left are unearthed by the wind tonight / To welcome the wild, the wolves and  their hymns / Tonight, I let that darkness in / To bask in the silver, solitary and grim / But I guess... / The wicked will rest upon a crooked breast / In gilded rooms, on palace floors / You build me up just to burn me back down / But when I turn to smoke, I’m no longer yours / Silence my call, to cage me in / I’m not coming around / No more shall I hang my head / And the fallen leaves shall be my bed / No, I can’t make it on my own / Though I try to make it / Oh, I can’t make it on my own / So I know...


When the clouds begin to funnel and the hail falls / You were backlit by the sunset in orange tones / There was something delivered in the air / A glimpse of something holy, stolen / For a moment, it was there / They say there’s repercussions that will follow / When an unbounded heart is tethered to tomorrow / Sown to where the sun may never reach / But what’s kept ‐ I know ‐ burns like coals / A fire, it evokes inside of me / I still have time / My hands will still find the words in the earth / Come tomorrow the oak will tower over us all.



The pressure splits the mountainside / Venting fire into frigid climes / The devil knocked, the earth abides / St. Michael, he can’t free us from the ties that bind / How we dear we find our motherland / Which cradled us gently like a lover’s hand / Staring now, we understand / Can’t claim, can’t calm, can’t comprehend / When the sun fades out, and the tide draws back again / A white flag unfurls to the black wave’s end / What birthed us once will swallow whole / The weapons from heaven that the trickster stole / No yolk, no harness can control / It’s not a beast of burden but a gift bestowed / From field to ash / From clay to clay / Formed in the fire and the fire takes / The vessels break, and are swept away / From field to ash / From clay to clay / We are truly a sight to behold. 


Michael, do not pine for me / Can’t capture what you cannot hold / I’m like the sea / Brazen and breaking over bones / On the shore I’ll pick them clean / But I will not, no I won’t / Enjoy all of your suffering / So let me go to the folds of the old coal‐black clouds of the night / A broken incisor / Pulled from a carnivore / Will hang ‘round my neck instead of gold / Casting visions / I’m like an apparition / I’m keeping my dowry so leave me no rose / I cannot / Feign a need to dress in white linens / Instead of clothes soiled with sweat and I ask / “What did you learn from me tonight?” / You shout so loud, shout so loud / “What did you learn from me tonight?” / So let me go to the folds of the old coal‐black clouds of the night. 



The foxes wait for the wolves of town / To take their prey / To take them down / The money’s good / The money’s alright /But the wind will claim our words tonight / Time is a flood and we all float / In its wake / We lose all that we know / But the water’s good / The water’s alright / It’ll cleanse me down by the riverside / There’s a cold wind blowing me home.

A shadow set free by lack of light / A little cabin falls into the night sky / Helicopters roam above the trees / Chariots with hooves above, us beneath / The clack‐clack‐clack of the cobblestones / Blots out the voice of God in our bones tonight / The sea and the bells and the house of leaves / A light left on, crumpled pages and tea / Words on my lips but they won’t escape / Off my tongue to find the pearly gates / And the wind will work on the fields and flock / But won’t catch the vowels to help one talk tonight / Seven sisters to doves and then to stars / Teenagers trace them in the back of borrowed cars / And no matter how away you’ve gone / Merope will always leave her light on / To guide you to the river to the raft and the breeze / She’ll always find a way to get you back to me tonight.



October fires come burn away the green / November rains will wash these fingers clean / Water, blood, and all that’s in between / December snows will cover everything / Round come around / Let the snow fall down / Don’t make a sound before the other is found / Round come around / Let the snow fall down / One takes the crown while the other is bound / Abel and Cane / Can’t tell them apart / Each has a serpent curled in his heart / Shedding his skin as the seasons fade / What was welcomed inside can rot you away / I recognized his boot prints in the snow / Down by the mills, where water used to flow / Just like the lies he told me way back when / They circled ‘round and caught themselves again.



From the lakes of melted glass / Rise skeletons of cities past / Lanterns light the blackened heavens / Like fireflies suspended / And we’re lost in the valley of the Seven Crowns / Spiders catch the fallen ash / Which lays like leaves upon the masts / Traffic lights direct the rivers / Whose waves are now homeward driven / You said it’d be fire this time / But the wind and the rain came in / The levy broke / And no Noah spoke / We came from the sea / Now the sea comes for us